Review Games: DIY Human Bingo

Looking for great review games? How about some B-I-N-G-O?  It’s a tried-and-true student favorite in every classroom, and it surely will be in yours too!

Engage your students in your elementary classroom by playing these fun and simple review games! It's sure to increase student engagement and motivation!


I am one of those people who needs to move, move, move! I can only imagine that the fidgety cute kids in my classroom are feeling the same way day after day. I like to get them up and moving around, so I look for ways to do that while learning at the same time. One way I get them moving is through a Human Bingo Game.


How to Create the Human Bingo Review Games

First, you will need to buy two shower curtains. I buy the cheap ones at a dollar store. You will also need  a big black Sharpie marker. The bigger the better! Once you have your materials draw 20 squares on each of the shower curtains (for a total of 40). There is no free space.

So how does this game work? Great question!

One way to play Human Bingo is to divide your students into four teams.  Each board is used by two teams. You will need to have something to designate them as a team. I use colored index cards hanging on a string necklace. Give each student a vocabulary card, math fact, or review card labeled with each of the squares (B1, I2, N3, G4, O5, and so on). The teacher then calls a letter and number, such as I2, and the student holding that card has to give the definition, solve the math fact, or give the answer. If the student answers correctly, he or she gets to stand on that spot on the BINGO “board.” The first team to stand four-in-a-row, vertically, horizontally, or in four corners wins! You can easily change up this game to best suit your own needs within your classroom.

Keep in mind this can be used for any kind of review game. The possibilities are endless! I hope you enjoy this game as much as I do!

Happy Reviewing!

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