Zoooooming with Force and Motion!

One of my favorite things about being a teacher is watching how excited kids get when something just “clicks” in their heads. I love that moment. While it happens often in the classroom from just everyday lessons, there is something even more exciting about it when it happens from a hands-on experiment. That is one reason I just love science. It’s an opportunity to play while you learn.
Explore force and motion with these hands-on engaging activities that are sure to get your students' motor running. While you're here, grab a free activity!

We have been studying force and motion in my classroom recently and that means lots of experiments with cars! First, we explored height and how gravity is a force by creating a ramp of just basic wood and our science textbooks.

Force and motion science experiments

Together students took on the roles of managing a stopwatch, measuring the distance, and calculating the speed. As they zoomed the cars down the ramps, students were quick to discover that the higher the book, the greater the speed.

Force and motion physical science experiment.

In fact, once they created a height of five books, they were amazed to discover that in every group, the car started to curve and change directions at the end of the ramp. We hypothesized why this was. It was fun to hear their ideas. Some thought it was like being out of control on ice because the force was just too great to control.

Force and motion physical science experiment.
The next day we decided to test weight. We added pennies to the cars and zoomed them down the ramps again. Actually many students thought the weight would slow them down. We discussed if there was ever a time that weight would slow something down more than speed it up and why. (I love to ask why in my classroom. It drives my students crazy- a lot like a toddler would their parents!)
Force and motion physical science experiment.
Of course, you can definitely enjoy this activity with your students too by heading over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store and snatching up my Force and Motion Unit (or click on the image below).
Force and motion physical science experiment.Force and motion physical science experiment.


I have a sheet below for you to download free. It is a force and motion inquiry-like sheet. Just click here to download it FREE!

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