Human Body Systems Wheel


This interactive wheel is an engaging way to help your students review, practice, and study the functions and structures of the different human body systems. With all the options provided, it’s sure to meet your students’ needs too!

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Students can turn the wheel to match up the systems with the structures and/or functions. This helps students learn and practice the various body systems.

Included in this resource you’ll find:

  • Two choices of wheels – a 6 system wheel (the circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive system, muscular system, nervous system, and skeletal system) or an 8 system wheel (all of the above plus the immune system and urinary system)
  • Differentiated wheels- some are already put together (all in one wheel), some that are partially put together (two wheels), and some that are not put together at all (three wheels total).
  • Wheels that students fill in completely, partially, or not at all (filled in for them).
  • Three areas are covered – the name of the system, the structures of the system, and the function of those systems.
  • A body system “wedge” wheel cover (for 6 system wheels and 8 system wheels) so students can cover the wheel if desired and only focus on one system at a time.
  • Blank 6 system wheels and a blank 8 system wheels to write in your own systems.


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