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Science Picture of the Day is a critical thinking activity where students practice analyzing, inferring, and observing real life science in photographs. Targeted skills include making observations and growing scientific vocabulary. The goal is for students to observe science in our everyday lives.

These pictures each represent at least one branch of science – physical science, earth science, and life science – and can be utilized for nearly any topic of study in the science curriculum. Regardless of what grade level or content you are studying, students should be able to recognize many examples of science in all pictures.

This meets the common core standards of RI.1 (Inference, Key Details and Informational Text) along with SL.2 and 4 (Key discussion and use of vocabulary). Furthermore, this open-ended activity is a great way to get your students to think deeper and more critically.

I have provided an answer key for each picture prompt, but the science seen in these pictures are not limited to my answers, as there are many aspects of science in our daily lives. Be sure to have students justify their reasoning, and how deep you go with the science concepts is up to your discretion.

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This Product Includes:

✓ 190 different picture prompts for teachers to choose from with titles to help students infer the science.
✓ Answer keys (but answers may vary)

With This Bundle You’ll Get:

✓ A full-page graphic organizer where students can look at a picture, write their observations, and then describe what science they see in the picture (digital/Google Classroom & print)
✓ A full-page graphic organizer where students will practice their scientific process skills by listing what they observe in the picture, any questions they could ask about it, what they infer is happening, and then the science involved (digital/Google Classroom & print)
✓ A half-page similar to the first page described above to save on copies (print only)
✓ A quarter-page/task card form for the teacher who prefers to laminate them and use it as a center (print only)
✓ An overhead version form of just the picture and title for the teacher who prefers a larger version of the picture for the overhead. This method is perfect for teachers who wish to not make copies and have their students list the science on scrap paper or in their journal (print only)
✓ An editable digital form of all of the above just without a title or photo so that you can add your own image or have your own students do so. (digital/Google Classroom)


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