Speaking & Listening Conversation Cards

We have several Common Core Standards that require students to practice their speaking and listening skills. If your students are like mine, they tend to get off track and talk about everything BUT what they are supposed to discuss. The reality is that they just don’t know how to talk. Yes, I know. There are some students that readily talk. In fact, these students don’t always know how NOT to talk. But I’m talking about how to have a formal discussion regarding academics. So why not give them some conversation starters?

Speaking and Listening are important common core reading skills that MUST be implemented in your reading lessons. The best way to do that is by using these FREE conversation cards!


Using Speaking and Listening Conversation Cards

I have created the following conversation starter cards- one designated for the listener and another designated for the speaker. In my classroom, I have these printed back to back. I cut out the cards first. Then I tape them so I know they align properly. I trim off any parts needed, and then I laminate them. Of course, you could simply laminate the cards and give students either the card for the listener or the card for the speaker. Then, when their role changes, students would simply switch cards. In the past, I have also placed my cards on craft sticks. I cut the laminate a bit so I could insert a craft stick between the two pieces, added a little glue, and voila! Now students have a mini sign they can just flip when having their conversation.

Conversation Cards with the text "The Listener" and the text "The Speaker"

Of course, these conversation cards work just as well without the stick. I have provided the Speaking and Listening Conversation Cards in four colors- green, blue, pink, and orange. You can choose to print all the colors and have students partner up by colors, or you can print just one color over again so it’s uniform.


Conversation Cards with the text "The Listener" and the text "The Speaker"

Download these Speaking and Listening Conversation Cards. Free by clicking here!

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    1. Ciano's Classroom Creations

      These are awesome! Thank you for sharing!! I love the idea of gluing them to sticks. What's great about them is that they can be used in all subject areas! Definitely printing one set per student!

    2. Your Thrifty Co-Teacher

      Hi. I found this blog post through Manic Monday…and I LOVE it! What a great idea! Thank you for sharing!

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