Organizing Posters: Five Steps to End Poster Chaos

Wait, posters? Does anyone use those anymore? I remember once cruising the teacher store catalog looking at posters, posters, and more posters. Oh, the variety of posters that highlighted math concepts, reading concepts, and science concepts. They were in the catalog next to the cutesy bulletin board sets. Now, it seems everywhere you look teachers are utilizing anchor charts rather than posters. I’m no exception. But I’m not willing to give up my trusty old partners in crime just yet. Surely there’s an easy method for organizing posters that are being replaced.

While sorting through my room this past weekend to prepare for the upcoming school year (Yikes! It’s approaching. I didn’t even get close to my one trillion things-to-do list!), I kept tripping over all these long, laminated posters. I even had some rolled up just lying around. How I hate the rolled-up posters… They eventually become rolled up rectangles, not nice circles. Then when you unroll them, they end up with all these folds and creases, and well, they just look horrible! There must be a better way.

Five quick and easy steps to help you with organizing posters in just a few minutes! Check out this idea!


I was looking at these posters, admiring the good ole’ days, and wondering what to do with these things. This was the best method for organizing posters that I came up with… for now.


Organizing Your Posters

Step One: 

Admire all the posters you have. Sort them into categories — all reading posters together, all math together, all science together, and so on. Look them over thoroughly and decide whether you really need them. If not, toss them or give them to the new kid on the block (but be sure to teach them the mystical art of organizing posters too).

Step Two:

After sorting them by subject area, go through and sort them by topic, units, or whatever your preference may be. You can even sort them by colors (though that may make it tough to locate later!).

Step Three:

Take a sorted set, such as all your multiplication posters, and clip them together with these incredibly awesome black binder clips. They come in a variety of sizes so you can match the thickness of all your posters.

Binder clips to use when sorting posters

Step Four:

Label the end of the black binder clip with the name of your poster set using a stick-on label, duct tape, washi tape, or the super fancy masking tape (as I did). Or, if you have a ton of time and want to jazz it up a bit, go for the fancy colorful printed paper. Go ahead, treat your well-worn posters with the love they deserve.

(Teachers and a ton of time? Hahahaha!)

Five quick and easy steps to help you with organizing posters in just a few minutes! Check out this idea!

Step Five:

Repeat with other sets. Place in the cupboard, drawers, etc. Even a drawer of a filing cabinet would do for organizing posters.

Filing cabinet with files labeled

If I come up with something better and creative, I’ll let you know. Until then… this is simple and good enough, right?

Happy Teaching!


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    1. Jennifer Chapman

      I absolutely love this idea. I keep my poster/anchor charts on top of a closet cabinet in the room so this will be perfect. Thanks for sharing.

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