Chain of Consequences: Writing to Prevent Bullying

This week in class we worked together to discuss the consequences of bullying behavior on a person being bullied.

This writing activity creates a bulletin board display that shares the consequences of bullying through a chain of events!

First I started off by grouping students into groups of 4 or 5 and provided each group with a set of feelings cards. The words on these cards ranged from simple, such as sad, to somewhat more complex, such as aggravated. My reasoning was two-fold, I need to expose my students to words other than “sad” and “happy” as that is overused in their writing, and it was a perfect opportunity to bring in some tier 2 words that common core demands.

Along with providing each group with the cards and the three headers – sometimes, always, never – we discussed the meaning of each word. Then I had the students work together in their group to discuss each of the words one by one and determine how often someone who is a victim of bullying would feel that particular feeling. They would then place it under the appropriate heading. For instance, if they had the card angry- together they would discuss how often a student bullied would feel angry. After discussing they may decide that person would sometimes feel that, therefore placing the “angry” card under the heading “sometimes.”

After each group sorted their feelings cards, we discussed them together. I pointed out that often someone may appear “tough” on the outside, but inside they are having these feelings that can really affect their confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth. Then in groups, students identified ways they could help a victim of bullying (including themselves) to feel better about themselves. We created one big list together on chart paper.

After our discussion, we all sat down independently and wrote about a time when we were called names and the feelings associated with it. (I encouraged the use of the other feelings words instead of just felt “sad” or “disliked” it.)  After typing it up, we created a display titled “Name Calling Leads to a Chain of Consequences” and linked each person’s written piece together using colored paper.


While the feelings cards aren’t anything spectacular, you are welcome to download them for use in your classroom. Just click right on the picture below!

Click here to download my free feelings cards for my bullying prevention activity!

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