10 Exciting & Effective Rounding Games

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When you think “rounding,” your first thought probably isn’t about how exciting rounding games can be. In fact, I’m willing to bet you imagine something similar to rounding hills, like the ones I explore in my “Remarkable Rounding” post! However, rounding isn’t always as engaging as we’d like it to be, even if we use rounding roller coasters.

Regardless, rounding is so important in mathematics, especially in upper elementary classrooms. It’s the basis for understanding place value, how numbers work together, and so much more. In addition, having strong foundational skills in rounding helps students develop better number sense, which we all know is one of the most important ways we can help students succeed in math!

Unfortunately, I’ve heard the same thing time and time again from a variety of teachers: rounding can be a bit dull. That’s why I’ve come up with a list of ten (ten!) exciting and engaging rounding games and activities that can effectively up your rounding game in the upper elementary math classroom. Let’s take a look at my favorites!

Get ahead of the curve by teaching rounding skills and sparking interest through interactive rounding games, manipulatives, songs, and movement.

1. Rounding Card Game

Assigning symbols to help students learn rounding brings an abstract concept down to a more tangible level. One way to implement this concept is with a fan-favorite rounding game: A Garden of Rounding!

In this game, an adorable variety of vegetables are used to symbolize the rounding number. From small decimal squashes to large tomato millions, students can grow their own “gardens” while simultaneously growing their knowledge!

In addition, this game includes rounding to the nearest ten and hundred as well as rounding to thousands, ten-thousands, hundred-thousands, millions, and even decimals. Overall, rounding card games are an engaging way to teach rounding!

Click the link or the image above to check out “A Garden of Rounding” in my TPT store!

2. Rounding Riddles

Riddle me this: what’s another exciting, engaging rounding activity that will keep your students entertained through your math block? Rounding riddles!

Getting your kiddos laughing is always a reliable way of engaging learners. Teaching your students that math doesn’t have to be strictly boring textbooks is key to creating lifelong mathematicians! With a bit of humor, even rounding can be a thrilling ride.

I like to use Boom Cards to incorporate riddles into math subjects. To play, students solve the problem posed on the slide, such as rounding a given number to the nearest hundredth. They find their answer in the squares below; if they are correct, they’re moved to the next problem. This continues until they have found the answers on all the squares, at which point a fun riddle is revealed!

If you’re interested, you can check out my rounding decimals Boom Cards in my TPT store by clicking the link or the image below.

3. Color by Number Rounding

Coloring isn’t only for preschool and lower elementary classrooms. Plenty of upper elementary students (and even adults) enjoy it, too! Coloring is a wonderful way to wind students down while still maintaining engagement.

With those benefits in mind, I set to work to create a whole slew of color-by-number activities for a wide variety of math concepts, including rounding! In this rounding activity, students solve problems to reveal the appropriate color for each section of the picture. Once they complete the set of problems, they’ll have a lovely, colorful scene!

All you need for this activity are the sheets (which you can find here on my TPT store!) as well as colored pencils or crayons. Keep in mind, however, that these color-by-number math puzzles are tons of fun… Your students will be asking for all the rounding games they can get their hands on, from decimals to whole numbers and more!

Click the link or the image above to check out these color-by-number rounding puzzles on my TPT store!

4. Rounding Task Cards

I absolutely adore task cards, no matter the concept. In fact, I even took the time to write up a blog post about the many ways you can use task cards in your classroom! Task cards are extremely versatile and engaging, and they fit with just about any math or science subject you can think of. I use task cards for a wide array of concepts, and rounding is no exception.

My favorite rounding game with task cards is my “Superhero Rounding” game. This activity covers rounding to the tens and hundreds and serves as an excellent way to introduce rounding or even to reinforce the concept. In this activity, students receive their cards in small groups, stations, math centers, or independent work, and then round the number on the card. It’s a fun, effective way to practice rounding!

Click the link or the image above to check out this “Superhero Rounding” activity in my TPT store!

5.  Rounding Bingo

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned game of bingo? Rounding bingo works just like the classic game, but with a mathematical twist! First, you’ll use bingo cards with an array of numbers rounded to the nearest whole number (or decimal place). Then, call out numbers that need to be rounded. The first student to mark off five numbers in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line wins! This rounding game helps your kiddos fall into the rhythm of rounding numbers while keeping them engaged and entertained. If you want to make it even more engaging, try using the human DIY bingo version.

6. Rounding Mystery Puzzles

Another way to use rounding games to effectively reinforce your rounding lesson is with self-checking puzzles. Specifically, rounding mystery puzzles are my favorite! To use mystery puzzles, students first solve math equations (or, in this case, round the given number to its nearest tens or hundreds place) and cut out the mixed-up picture containing the answers in each square. Then, students glue each answer in the correct box, revealing the picture and the answer to the math riddle!

Self-checking activities are a wonderful way for students to receive instant feedback without the embarrassment of a low quiz score. In addition, keeping your classroom occupied and engaged with this rounding game allows you to meet one-on-one with students who need some extra encouragement. Rounding mystery puzzles are a wonderful resource, and so much fun for your learners!

Click the link or the image above to check out my rounding mystery puzzles on my TPT store!

7. Interactive Rounding Apps and Websites

I know, I know: I talk about the benefits of using technology in the classroom all the time. But, hey, I promise that it’s for good reason! Building technology skills while simultaneously enforcing math concepts is a win-win situation, don’t you think?

That being said, in addition to printable rounding games, there are plenty of interactive math apps and websites with a variety of rounding games and activities that are sure to help your students grasp rounding concepts. Let’s look at two of my favorites!

Math Doodles

Math Doodles is a hands-on app that focuses on math concepts. This app helps your students visualize numbers and rounding with the aid of super cool interactive pictures! Math Doodles is perfect for visual learners, of course, but just about any student will find it worthwhile. You can check out their website here!

Rocket Rounding

Rocket Rounding is a web-based rounding game where students round numbers to tens, hundreds and whole numbers. The neat part is that this website comes with baked-in differentiation! Rocket Rounding includes one mode with a number line to assist students in visualizing the rounding, as well as a separate mode with no number line. Students can challenge themselves by taking away the number line when they feel ready!

8. Rounding Song and Dance

Next to rounding games, rounding songs and dances are the next best things! If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you can try your hand at writing your own rounding song; otherwise, check out the Rounding Rap on Flocabulary, one of my favorite websites!

Once students understand the idea of the rounding game, you can even have your kiddos write their own rhymes or songs for rounding decimals and other rounding rules. They can even come up with cool dance moves and perform for the class if they’re feeling brave!

9. Number Line Rounding Hopscotch

If a song-and-dance routine doesn’t have enough engagement for you, then add a little physical movement to your rounding games! A great physical activity for exploring rounding is something I call “number line hopscotch.” This is an excellent choice if you can bring your classroom outside, but it can be done inside, too!

First, use sidewalk chalk or masking tape to make giant number lines on the floor for students to to physically hop to. Call out numbers and ask students to hop to the number that is to the closest decimal, tens, hundreds, and so on! Students are bound to love any rounding games that involve all this hands-on (and feet-on?) moving and leaping about!

10. Round-Up Movement

The final of these rounding games I have for you is somehow even more physically active than the last, and is a great way to encourage exercise in your students… Besides all the mental exercise you put them through, of course!

In this activity, you will call out unrounded numbers and your students will respond with exercise. For instance, if you call out a number like 437 and ask your classroom to round to the nearest tens place, students can use body movements such as jumping or skipping three times to get to the nearest ten!

Getting the body moving staves off boredom and helps students engage and remember their rounding skills. Of course, that’s assuming your students aren’t like me and round all their exercise down to zero! 😉

No matter how you slice it, rounding is a critical skill in upper elementary mathematics, forming the basis for place value, number sense, and more. It’s crucial that we keep our students engaged during these lessons! Rounding games and activities can make your kiddos eager to start every day with rounding! Get ahead of the curve by teaching rounding skills and sparking interest through interactive rounding games, manipulatives, songs, and movement.


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