The Horror of Conversation Hearts!

As adults Valentine’s Day has many different meanings… But as a kid in the elementary classroom, it has just one – candy (well, and Valentine’s Day activities)! So why not take advantage of that desire and let them write about their love for candy? …Okay, maybe not for candy specifically.
This humorous post offers up a fun idea for teaching writing for Valentine's Day activities in the elementary classroom!
Years ago I saw somewhere by somebody this project where students took conversation hearts and, well, created a conversational piece. So that’s what I did. I have always loved this project because first, the kiddos are so grossed out by the thought (shame on me for enjoying that!) and second, they have to get creative! And besides, who doesn’t just love Valentine’s Day activities?!

Step 1- Give the kids their own small box of conversation hearts and gently break the news to them… They must not, cannot, will not eat the candy! Oh, the horror on their faces…  How could you! (I’m sure little Johnny in the back is thinking about sneaking one when you aren’t looking…)

Step 2- Tell the students they have to think of a way to use ALL of their candy hearts, no matter what message is stated. “Let’s kiss” was the most disgusting one ever. Who on earth would put a candy with that saying in there!?!?! I was mildly amused. It’s so funny how they change in just a few short years, huh?

Step 3- Students can write in any format they wish — a diary entry, a letter to their mama and papa, a poem, a very strongly worded letter to the manufacturer of these candies!

Step 4-  After students draft their pieces, the teacher must read and approve them.

Step 5- Glue. Glue those candies right to the paper and let them dry. Oh this project is just so torturous! No matter how much glue is sticking to the other side of that candy, it still looks so scrumptious… especially when your stomach is growling for lunch.

Step 6- Enjoy! My kiddos were incredibly creative. While I had a few that absolutely demanded that they get to flip them over and write their own sayings on it because some of them were just so barbaric, others jumped to the challenge and created humorous pieces.

Bulletin board Valentine's Day activities are always a hit!Bulletin board Valentine's Day activities are always a hit!

 I can only say that I just LOVE third graders! Let me know below if your kiddos LOVED this activity as much as mine!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Deb Hanson

    I love it!!! What a great idea, Tammy! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Deb Hanson

    I love it!!! What a great idea, Tammy! Thanks for sharing!

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