Written Form of Decimals | Place Value of Decimals | Riddle Reveal Boom Cards


Help your students practice writing decimals in the written form with this engaging activity! Students practice reading the written form of decimals and then chose from the standard/number form. As students progress, they uncover the picture to reveal a riddle! This is a perfect math review activity for fifth grade.

This resource works with the free Boom Learning website. Information, along with directions, is provided in the download.


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Students practice identifying and matching the written form of decimals with the standard number form.

This Product Includes:
✓ Matching the written form of decimals with number form

With This Product You’ll Get:
✓ A boom card deck on the Boom Learning website- you do not have to have a membership.
✓ Detailed, helpful information about Boom Learning
✓ Self-checking built right in

This resource will benefit you and your students by:

  • It will motivate them
  • It allows for differentiation
  • It allows for engagement
  • It meets students’ needs, interests, and abilities
  • It provides choice
  • It helps save time in planning
  • They increase student ownership and empowers learners
  • They promote independence and responsibility


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