Multiplication Facts Shortcuts: Identifying Strategies and Patterns


This is a math workshop unit plan to teach multiplication shortcuts to help students learn strategies to learn their multiplication facts. It also includes the standard of multiplying by multiples of ten. Improve and expand your students’ multiplication strategies toolbox while simultaneously providing them with engaging activities and saving yourself time and money.
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This Product Includes:

✓ Multiples
✓ Patterns in multiplication and hundred charts
✓ Shortcuts for learning the facts of 0-10
✓ Commutative property, distributive property, and associative property and how they help in multiplication
✓ Multiplying by multiples of 10
✓ Patterns in multiplying by multiples of 10
✓ Multiplying with missing numbers

With This Product You’ll Get:

✓ Pretest and post-test
✓ Vocabulary cards/word wall cards
✓ 15 days of detailed lesson plans in workshop format
✓ Daily warm ups
✓ Centers (low prep games)
✓ Independent practice sheets
✓ Mini-assessments
✓ Optional interactive notebook pieces
✓ Anchor charts
✓ Answer keys

*This unit is completely different from my other Multiplication & Division Exploration Unit (Math Workshop). Both units discuss the properties of multiplication, but this unit discusses it with a different viewpoint – the viewpoint of how to use the properties to figure out the product of a multiplication fact. None of the activities or lessons are duplicates.*

These lessons are perfect for tutors, paraprofessionals, volunteers, and substitutes! They are low prep, too!

With 15 complete lesson plans in this unit, that’s less than a dollar a day for everything you need–worksheets, centers, scripted lessons, vocabulary, and much more! It’s definitely worth the value!

This unit plan is perfect if you have always wanted to implement math workshop but weren’t sure how or just starting out! This unit plan saves you time! Take back your weekends without sacrificing quality teaching!


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