Heartbreaker: A Review Game for Any Time

My favorite review game in the classroom is called Heartbreaker. I don’t know where I got the idea from (therefore, honestly it’s not mine and I don’t know who to give credit to) – but I’ve been using this idea for years! Despite appearances, it’s not a Valentine’s Day game.

This engaging review game will definitely motivate your elementary students to review the concepts in your classroom!

How this review game works

To begin – collect several questions covering the content you want to review. This could be in the form of a study guide, an actual test, questions at the end of a chapter, questions students created, or even task cards.

Have students break into groups or teams. Decide which team will go first and then read the first question. If that team gets it right, you draw a heart from a mixed up stack (or have students draw them). On each heart is a number value. That’s how many points they earn for getting it correct. However, if they draw the “Heartbreaker” heart, their points are cut in half! If they are incorrect, then it’s on to the next team. It’s a fun way to review activities and it’s always a heartbreak when you draw that heart!

Grab Your Freebie!

Since I use this regularly in my classroom, I already have it created! Therefore, save some time and download it for free now. Print on red or pink cardstock, cut out, laminate, and you’re ready to go!

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