6 Great Math Apps for Grades 3-5

You’ve taught your students math concepts, and now it’s time to practice. But, you want to do something more than the traditional worksheet. You’ve already done the hands-on, concrete method. Why not incorporate a little technology? There are so many apps out there that help kids learn and practice math skills in an engaging way. Here are six math apps for grades 3-5 that have been tried and tested by elementary teachers!

Looking to make your math class more enjoyable and interactive for your students? This post lists and describes five math apps that are great additions to any math classroom. Click through to learn all about them!

6 Great Math Apps for Grades 3-5


Let your students show their work on a whiteboard application that uploads as a video. Many teachers use the app to “flip” their math classrooms, recording videos that teach the concepts for students to watch at home or during class at their own pace. The teacher is then free to help students practice the traditional “homework” concepts during the school day. Check out some of the math examples. ShowMe can be used in any content area or level, but math is definitely where it’s at! This application is available for Chrome, from the Apple Store, and on Google Play. Free and premium options are available.

Transum Mathematics

This free web-based software allows students to practice math concepts differentiated for grade level and content. Assign lessons for students who need interventions with specific skills and allow students who have mastered objectives to work on more advanced concepts. Resources for teachers like “Starter of the Day” to use as a bell-ringer or random name generators are also available.


Available on the web or on mobile platforms, this tool allows teachers to download or create math lessons and control the students’ real-time activity. You can stop the lessons for checks for understanding. Students respond and interact with the lessons giving you a chance to work with them and figure out with which concepts they need help. Here are a few math lessons to try with your students. (Some are free and some are low-cost.) Search for specific concepts and grade levels or create your own. This app can be used across content areas.

Coin Box

This web-based game on the Illuminations website helps students count and make change. Help your students learn the value of coin money with this fun and easy supplement to your curriculum. This website also has hundreds of other games your students can try divided by concepts and grade levels. New mobile applications are also featured!

King of Math

Practice math skills to become the King of Math! Each level gives your student a new character and music. The app is available in the App Store (Apple), Google Play, and on the web. The free app contains skills for addition and subtraction. The full game (on the App store) is just $2.99 and contains skills and practice for multiplication, division, geometry, fractions, and more!


Transform math from a chore to a fun challenge with SplashLearn, the best math app for kids. With SplashLearn, children can improve their math skills through personalized learning experiences, interactive games, and engaging practice sessions. Teachers and parents alike love the app’s ability to track progress, customize assignments, and identify areas where additional support is needed. With an extensive library of math topics, ranging from addition and subtraction to geometry and fractions, SplashLearn is a must-have tool for any student looking to excel in math.

Try out these math apps for grades 3-5 in your classroom to help your students practice their skills while you differentiate instruction and find out where they are struggling or excelling!


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