Place Value Sliders Hands-on Manipulative


Have you been looking for a place value tool that you can use in your classroom like a math manipulative? I have one for you that will help your students practice expanded form, word form, and base-ten form of place value! It’s even perfect for students who are visual learners.

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It has been requested over and over and I have finally placed it here for you!

This place value slider offers a variety of places for your students so that it can be differentiated. The following sliders are offered in this resource:

  • ones through hundreds
  • ones through thousands
  • ones to millions
  • hundredth to millions
  • thousandths to millions

This can be used:

  • To produce numbers when practicing reading large numbers aloud/orally
  • To produce numbers when students practice writing numbers in written form, extended form, or base-ten form
  • To help students who struggle with place value and need intervention
  • As a manipulative when practicing place value
  • As a visual for students who are visual learners
  • To provide differentiation
  • And so much more!

It includes assembly instructions (with images), helpful tips, suggested uses, and place value strips 0-9.


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