Measuring Mass, Measuring Volume, and Graphing Data for Math Workshop


This graphing math workshop unit covers an array of graphing skills, such as bar graphs, picture graphs (or pictographs), line plot graphs, and the measurement of mass and liquid volume (capacity). This unit is based off of third grade standards 3.MD.2, 3.MD.3, and 3.MD.4 with many hands-on activities in the guided math and math workshop model.
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This Product Includes:

✓ Surveying, collecting, and organizing data
✓ Creating picture graphs (pictographs)
✓ Creating both horizontal and vertical bar graphs
✓ Changing the scale (or intervals) on a bar graph
✓ Changing the representation of a symbol on a pictograph
✓ Solving word problems related to graphs
✓ Reading a ruler and measuring lengths to the nearest quarter of an inch
✓ Collect data and constructing line plots
✓ Identifying mass and liquid volume (capacity)
✓ Estimating mass and liquid volume (capacity)
✓ Measuring mass and liquid volume (and comparing to known benchmarks)
✓ Solving word problems related to mass and liquid volume

With This Product You’ll Get:
✓ Pre-test and post-test
✓ Vocabulary cards for your word wall or practice
✓ Anchor charts
✓ Detailed mini-lessons
✓ Worksheets for practice
✓ Task cards
✓ Games
✓ Remediation and enrichment activities
✓ Answer keys
✓ Mini-assessments (ticket out the door, etc.)