Place Value Chicken Hut Activity



When you are teaching place value, do you talk about chicken nuggets, chicken fingers, or chicken patties? We do! Explore important place value concepts with this engaging chicken hut activity that is perfect for small groups or math centers!

With this resource you’ll get:

  • 2 different sets of cards – one where students identify the number based on what is given on the trays and the other where students identify the meal based on the price/number given. (nuggets = 1’s, fingers = 10’s, patties = 100…etc.)
  • Color and b/w versions
  • Answer keys
  • Directions
  • Center Materials
  • Differentiated place value numbers (small places and places up to ten thousand)

This resource is perfect for:

  • math centers
  • small groups
  • individual classwork
  • homework
  • morning work


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