Native American Heritage Month Activity Biography Puzzles


If you’re looking for Native American Heritage Month (November) activities that go beyond just reading passages, you’re in the right place! These biography puzzles are a great way to engage your students and let them show off what they have learned!


What is included:

  • 2 Sizes- A small version that fits one page for a few facts, less copying, and smaller handwriting (no assembling!). A large version for bigger handwriting and more facts (Does assemble!).
  • The large version comes with lined pieces and unlined pieces to help students with their writing.
  • A variety of Native American people for writing biographies is included in the puzzles. I tried to pick people from a variety of backgrounds and careers.
  • Blank versions of both small and large in case your students’ hero isn’t included.
  • Student directions


These people are included:

  • Ben Nighthorse Campbell, Black Hawk, Buffalo Calf Road Woman, Carlos Montezuma, Charlene Teters, Crazy Horse
  • Dahteste, Dave Anderson, Deb Haaland, Geronimo, Hiawatha, Jim Thorpe, John Eastman, John Herrington, Lozen
  • Maria Tallchief, Mary Bottineau Baldwin, Mary Brave Bird, Mary Youngblood, Pine Leaf, Pocahontas, Pontiac
  • Robbie Hood, Running Eagle, Sacajawea, Sarah Winnemucca, Sequoyah, Shoni Schimmel, Sitting Bear
  • Sitting Bull, Sonny Sixkiller, Squanto, Susan La Flesche Picotte, Tecumseh, Will Rogers, Wilma Mankiller
  • Looking for someone? Suggest them, or check my other biography puzzles.


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