Multiplication Arrays Flipbook | Array City Booklet


Have you been teaching your students about the basics of multiplication, such as arrays and equal groups? This engaging flipbook is the perfect resource for you! It’s complete with both printable and digital versions to help you no matter where you are teaching!

File Format:

PDF and Google Slides


This resource covers the following concepts:

  • the difference between rows and columns
  • the definition of an array
  • writing an addition sentence from an array, such as 3+3+3=9
  • creating an array when given a statement such as 5 rows of 2
  • completing number sentences when provided groups of items
  • creating groups of items when provided a statement such as 7 groups of 6
  • writing a multiplication equation from groups of items
  • creating an array from a multiplication equation
  • creating arrays from a product given (as an enrichment)

This resource includes:

  • two separate flipbooks – one covering 2nd grade standards and one covering 3rd grade standards (noted in the top right corner)
  • a blank flipbook so that you can create your own problems
  • an optional enrichment page
  • a printable and digital version
  • an answer key page


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