Math Journal Writing Response Printable & Digital (Google)


Math is more than just solving problems. It’s also about critical thinking. One way that students can do this is through math journal response pages. These pages go beyond just solving a problem in a math journal. They step into higher-level thinking.

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Implementing writing into your math instruction is so important and a great way to help students learn to effectively communicate as directed in the standards of mathematical practice.

When consistently used in the classroom, these math journal response pages will:

  • increase critical thinking in your students
  • improve mathematical communications
  • expand students’ thinking
  • deepen your students understanding of mathematical concepts
  • develop and extend mathematical understandings
  • improve reasoning skills and the development of problem-solving skills

Included in this resource you’ll find:

  • a variety of mathematical response pages
    • pictures and diagrams
    • list creation
    • create word problems
    • predict the outcome
    • define and describe
    • explain a process or the steps
    • compare and/or contrast
    • justify a process or solution
    • write a summary
    • reflection
    • creative writing
  • two different sizes – large sheets and half sheets
  • Google Slides version so that your students can complete it digitally!

You can read more about these sheets and how they are used at this blog post, 11 ideas for bringing writing into math.


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