iPad Craftivity Template Printable & Digital for any concept


Now you can create your own iPad craftivity for any subject or concept! This resource is perfect for any teacher who is looking for a way to engage their students but wasn’t sure how! This would make a perfect vocabulary practice activity or even an activity for studying the state symbols!

File Format:

PDF & Google Slides

The pdf is editable and has fields in it. These fields will not print. Anything you type in it will. I would suggest printing “as image” to avoid any potential issues.


How it works:

-Students take apps (words or phrases related to your chosen concept) and illustrate them (or insert a picture!).
-Students then cut out the app and glue it to a space on the iPad.
-Under the app the students define or explain the word or phrase on the app.
For example: You could have vocabulary terms on the top that students illustrate and underneath on the bottom students define the words. Then it could be named iVocabulary!

What’s included:

  • Two different types of “iPads.” One with lines and one without. They have 9 “app” spaces.
  • Two choices for the “app” page. One has open instructions and the other has no instructions. The page with no instructions is completely editable so you can type right on the page!
  • Three different rubrics. One completely done for you, one done but with the ability to tweak the words, and a third one completely empty with the ability to type the words right in!
  • Both printable and a digital (Google Slides) version!

**Not for commercial/selling use. Only for personal classroom use.**


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