Forms of Energy Sort – Heat, Light, Electrical, & Sound Energy


Do you need to determine if your upper elementary students understand the various forms of energy? This engaging physical science types of energy sort is perfect for assessing your students’ understanding of heat, light, sound, and electrical energy or as a science center! Plus, it includes forms of energy worksheets for you to review these important concepts with your students!




This types of energy resource can be used to create an engaging craftivity. Your students would read the descriptions on the “toast” and place them on the light energy plate, the sound energy plate, the heat energy plate, or the electrical energy plate based on which characteristic it is describing. You can also print, laminate, and use the materials for a science center instead for repeated use!

This resource covers:

  • characteristics related to sound energy
  • characteristics related to light energy
  • characteristics related to heat energy
  • characteristics related to electrical energy
  • examples of things that use light energy
  • examples of things that use sound energy
  • examples of things that use heat energy
  • examples of things that use electrical energy

What is included in this resource:

  • Printable & digital versions so that you can add a technology element
  • Materials to create an energy sort so that you can assess their understanding
  • Materials to create an energy science center so that students can practice the concepts in their free time
  • Forms of energy worksheets so that you can review or reteach the concepts
  • answer keys so that you can save time grading

Your students will love putting together this engaging science craftivity and it will make a cute display! Further, the print-and-go energy worksheets, make reviewing easy!


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