Vertebrate & Invertebrate | Animal Classification | Booklet Printable & Digital


This booklet is a great way to focus on animal classification, along with other academic skills like main idea, vocabulary, and writing. Your students will practice classifying animals based on whether they are invertebrates or vertebrates, an easy way to determine the difference between two animals.

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*In this packet students will investigate the differences between the animal classes of vertebrates and invertebrates by building four-legged clay/Play-Doh creatures – one of each type – and then stacking blocks on them to determine which structure can hold the most weight and why.

This product does not cover classes of the vertebrate group.

This product covers:

✓ Terms such as vertebrate, invertebrate, classes, spinal cord, cartilage,
✓ The purpose of vertebrate
✓ Difference between animals with vertebrate and invertebrate
✓ The importance of vertebrate

With This Product You’ll Get:

✓ Review of important vocabulary
✓ Differentiated reading comprehension sheets (LL and HL sheets)
✓ Text-dependent questions that focus on reading skills
✓ Science lab investigation – students create models of animals with and without vertebrate and stack blocks on them
✓ Critical thinking and writing prompt
✓ Teacher and student directions
✓ A Google Slides version so that you can have your students complete it digitally if you prefer!
✓ Tabbed booklet printables- 2 to a page and a larger version 1 per page
✓ Color & B/W printable versions
✓ Answer keys
.… and so much more!

How You Can Use This Product:

✓ As a supplement to an already established program
✓ Science centers or literacy centers
✓ An introduction lesson
✓ Teacher demonstrations
✓ Whole group, small group, partners, or individual work
✓ An integration lesson
✓ Warm-up activities