Forms of Energy Mobile


Do you need to determine if your upper elementary students understand the various forms of energy? This engaging physical science types of energy mobile is perfect for assessing your students’ understanding of heat, light, sound, electrical, mechanical, kinetic, and potential energy or as a science center!




This types of energy resource can be used to create an engaging hanging mobile. It is differentiated so that you can meet the needs of all your students. It comes with cut and paste options or you can have students write in the answers. Additionally, you can pick and choose what forms of energy you have your students focus on!

This resource covers:

  • characteristics related to mechanical energy, thermal energy, sound energy, light energy, electrical energy, potential energy and kinetic energy
  • definitions of each type of energy
  • examples of items that use that type of energy

What is included in this resource:

  • Printable & digital versions so that you can add a technology element
  • Materials to create an energy mobile so that you can assess their understanding
  • Materials to create an energy science center so that students can practice the concepts in their free time
  • differentiated versions so that you can meet your students needs
  • answer keys so that you can save time grading

Your students will love putting together this engaging science craftivity and it will make a cute display!


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