Plant and Animal Cells Craftivity (iCell)


It can be a great deal of fun to explore plant and animal cells, and this craftivity helps take your instruction to the next level! Your students will craft an “iPhone” with “apps” that explore all of the vocabulary related to this topic. Plus, you have choices for differentiation and extension!


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PDF (Acrobat) Document File

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This Product Includes:

The following vocabulary terms are referred to as “apps:”
✓ Animal
✓ Systems
✓ Plant
✓ Organs
✓ Cells
✓ Tissues
✓ Organelles
✓ Cell membrane
✓ Nucleus
✓ Cytoplasm
✓ Lysosomes
✓ Cell wall
✓ Mitochondria
✓ Centrioles
✓ Golgi body
✓ Chloroplast
✓ Endoplasmic reticulum

With This Product You’ll Get:

✓ Two different pages of apps for you to choose from or mix and match
✓ Practice sheets for students to identify the organelles of each type of cell (label and color key)
✓ An organizer for them to compare and contrast the two cells

How You Can Use This Product:

✓ Simply copy the resources, and then have them cut out the “apps.”
✓ Then, glue down just the top portion where it folds on the dotted line.
✓ Under the flap have students write the function of the cell organelle.
✓ Students can then color the i-cell and/or cut it out.

This craftivity is perfect for tutors, paraprofessionals, volunteers, and substitutes! It is low prep, too!

With a fully designed craftivity, it comes complete with everything you need! It’s definitely worth the value!

This craftivity is perfect if you have to teach about cells but weren’t sure how or are just starting out! This craftivity saves you time! Additionally, it’s perfect for when you have a substitute!