4th Grade Geometry Worksheets, Lesson Plans, Activities, Guided Math Workshop


Are you learning about geometry? This resource helps your students focus on important concepts such as fractional parts of a circle, lines of symmetry, measuring & drawing angles, classifying quadrilaterals, and so much more! This is a resource that has everything you need for learning that all-important geometry vocabulary and concepts!


This guided math workshop unit is complete with pre-tests, vocabulary cards, 15 days of lesson plans that are very thorough and detailed, guided math activities, interventions, and extension suggestions, math centers (such as math games), post-tests for math assessment, and much more!


You can also get a free sample of one of my math workshop units (a third-grade example) here.


Check out the preview for details!


This Unit Covers:

  • Basic geometry vocabulary such as points, lines, line segments, rays, angles, etc. Students identify, draw, and classify.
  • Identify & classify triangles by their angles and triangles by the length of their sides
  • Parallel, perpendicular & intersecting lines
  • Polygons, and a larger focus on quadrilaterals (including classifying)
  • Lines of symmetry (identifying & drawing)
  • Relating angles with fractional parts of a circle
  • Angles and degrees
  • Measuring angles with a protractor
  • Drawing angles with a protractor
  • Adding angles (joining multiple angles)
  • Determining the measure of an unknown angle when separated into parts (subtracting multiple angles)


With This Unit You’ll Get:

  • Pre-test and post-test
  • Vocabulary cards for math word wall instruction
  • Detailed lesson plans
  • Anchor charts
  • Differentiated math activities
  • Interactive notebook pieces (INB)
  • Math centers or math stations materials
  • Math games
  • Math worksheets for extra practice & review
  • Remediation & enrichment
  • Mini-assessments
  • Digital & print versions
  • Color & printer-friendly versions
  • Answer keys


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