Integrating Standards

Time is so limited in the elementary classroom with all the standards we have to teach! How can we fit them all in while teaching them adequately? Integrate! I explain just how I do it so that I can fit them all in by integrating – along with a few ideas to get you started. I know you may feel uncomfortable integrating standards and need to start slow, so I have you covered with that, too!

Teachers everywhere know how hard it is to fit in all your standards so that you teach everything you're supposed to teach in a school year. Often, teachers don't meet this high expectation, because there's just too much. How can we start making it happen? Our guest blogger shares her insight on integrating standards so that you can fit more curriculum into your lessons - curriculum that's interdisciplinary! Click through to read more.

I’m sharing all my ideas and knowledge about integrating standards over at Minds in Bloom as a guest blogger!

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Integrating Standards Featured on Minds in Bloom