Slow and Fast Changes of the Earth Booklets (BUNDLE)


Explore the slow and fast changes of the earth in a slightly different way: Launch an investigation on earthquakes, volcanoes, weathering, and erosion. These tabbed booklets are the perfect vehicle for exploring earth science and making learning engaging and enjoyable!

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This Bundle Includes:

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In this bundle you will find the following products (click to read specific details about each individual one):

Earthquakes Investigation Tabbed Booklet
✓ Explore the concept of earthquakes in this tabbed booklet by creating “fault lines” with two pieces of material and pulling them apart to see how earthquakes can be destructive
✓ Also focuses on reading skills and writing

Volcanoes Investigation Tabbed Booklet
✓ Students create their own volcano and watch it “explode”
✓ Also focuses on reading skills and writing

Weathering and Erosion Tabbed Booklets
✓ Explore the concepts of weathering and erosion in this tabbed booklet by taking three different soil molds and pouring water onto them
✓ Determine which was weathered more (and why) and what was eroded
✓ Also focuses on reading skills and writing

With This Bundle You Will Get:

✓ Five-tabbed booklets for students to assemble and use as various “stations” (if desired), literacy centers, independent learning, small groups, or the whole group
✓ Tabs for vocabulary tied to the included topics
✓ Tabs for writing with a critical thinking prompt
✓ Investigation tabs related to the included topics
✓ Two different reading level passages per booklet
✓ Comprehension tabs with text-dependent questions related to the included topics
✓ Drawing tabs where students use their science skills to draw and label the concept they are studying
✓ A printable version and a digital version (Google Slides)
✓ Two different sizes for the printable version- small (half-page) size and a large (whole page) size




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