Science Tools Posters


Help your students understand all the science tools as you teach science! These science posters can be used throughout the year as you teach science – and they come in both black and white and color!

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These posters are so thorough that you can choose to use all the tool posters in this resource or pick and choose. You can also provide them all at once or as you teach their corresponding units (such as using the weather tool posters during the weather unit).

The following science tool posters are included:
• Goggles
• Apron
• Gloves
• Thermometer
• Stopwatch
• Microscope
• Microscope Slide
• Hand Lens
• Magnifying Glass
• Calculator
• Triple Beam Balance
• Pan Balance
• Scale
• Spring Scale
• Prism
• Tuning Fork
• Magnet (two different types)
• Flask
• Beaker
• Graduated Cylinder
• Eyedropper
• Pipette
• Test Tube
• Test Tube Rack
• Measuring Tape
• Yard Stick
• Meter Stick
• Metric Ruler
• Tongs
• Funnel
• Compass
• Tweezers
• Forceps
• Collection Net
• Wind Vane
• Barometer
• Anemometer
• Hygrometer
• Rain Gauge
• Petri Dish
• Science Notebook
• Bunsen Burner
• Computer
• Camera
• Hot Plate

Each poster includes an image of the science tool and a description of it. There is a black and white version, along with a color version.


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