Science Oral Reading Fluency Cards Bundle



What are causation cards? These are the best fluency and interactive cards you will ever get for your classroom while teaching your students about science content! You’ve got to check them out!


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Causation cards are interactive fluency cards that focus on the content of science!

These causation cards will prove to be a useful and engaging tool in your classroom! Your students will rave about how fun class was on the day you use these cards as an introduction or as a review (or however you choose to use them)!

With This Product You’ll Get:

✓ Numbered cards for correct ordering
✓ Notes about necessary props where applicable
✓ Integration of speaking and listening skills
✓ Opportunities to build fluency, prosody, and reading accuracy

How You Can Use This Product:

  • The teacher reads the starting card, but this is not always necessary.
  • Each student has to listen carefully to other students to know when it is their turn.
  • You will find the end of a statement the previous student said in red, the action to be performed in green, and what that particular student who has the card says in black.
  • The card will state an action that a student must perform and a statement they must say. The action can be something simple from jumping in the air to drawing on the board. The statement can be a definition of a term or related concept.
  • Review activity
  • Introductory activity


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