Rocks and Minerals Vocabulary Games


Do you need vocabulary activities to help your students learn important domain-specific, academic vocabulary? I have you covered and you don’t have to worry about it being boring! These rocks and minerals science vocabulary games will have your students learning the foundational vocabulary words related to rocks and minerals while reinforcing the important science concepts too! These vocabulary games make great science centers for when you don’t have much time for science.

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What Concepts & Skills are Covered?

  • 20 science vocabulary terms (see preview for list) related to rocks and minerals
  • Reinforcement of rocks and minerals specific terms and concepts in different contexts
  • Building of a strong language foundation in both vocabulary and science
  • Problem solving skills and critical thinking skills
  • Collaboration and communication skills

What’s Included?

  • 10 different printable science vocabulary games, including familiar games like “bump,” “shoot or pour” (like chutes and ladders), and “term capture”
  • Same 20 rocks and minerals vocabulary terms in each game (note: words cannot be removed from the games, however you can provide them with the given vocabulary sheets.)
  • Vocabulary word bank sheets
  • Vocabulary dictionary sheets (science terms and definitions)
  • Printer version choices – color for laminating and repeated use or print and go black and white versions
  • Student friendly directions
  • Extremely low prep- grab dice and counters! You’re all set!
  • These are NOT editable nor is there currently a digital version

Why Grab This Resource?

  • These vocabulary games captures students’ attention, motivates them in the active learning process, and makes science vocabulary more exciting
  • These science games reinforces important science vocabulary and rocks and minerals for better retention and understanding
  • These science vocabulary games improves problem solving, fosters communication skills, and promotes teamwork creating a positive classroom environment
  • These science games can work as a vocabulary assessment by providing instant feedback in a low-pressure environment, allowing teachers to identify areas of further instruction needed
  • It is a time-efficient way to cover important science content and academic vocabulary

These science vocabulary games will ensure that your students are growing in science even if you don’t have much time to dedicate to the subject. Help your students be active in their learning, motivated and engaged as they work through these exciting, hands-on, minds-on science vocabulary games! Add this one to your cart today and start saving some time in your classroom!


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