Rocks and Minerals Boom Cards | Rocks and Minerals Task Boom Cards


Rocks and minerals are so exciting to explore in the classroom and now you can explore them digitally with these interactive boom cards! These Boom Learning Cards will help your students review the important concepts related to rocks and minerals without being bored.

This resource works with the free Boom Learning website. Information, along with directions, is provided in the download.


To check out the preview of these boom cards, click here.

PLEASE NOTE: This resource is the same as the Rocks and Minerals Printable Task Cards, but in the interactive Boom Learning Cards Format!

This resource covers the following concepts:

  • The three types of rocks – sedimentary, igneous, metamorphic
  • The rock cycle
  • Characteristics of rocks and properties minerals
  • Multiple choice questions, comparisons, and much more!

This resource is perfect for practice, distance learning, small groups, science centers, fast/early finishers, and much more!


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