Plant Fans


Do you need to cover a lot of concepts related to plants? This craftivity does just that. It’s an engaging way to have your students explore the parts of plants, the plant life cycle, adaptations of plants, and so much more!

File Format:

PDF & Google Slides


This resource covers these concepts:

  • Plant’s basic needs (with lots of options to choose from)
  • Plant’s parts and what they do
  • Foods we eat from plants’ parts
  • The various plant types (plant classification)
  • Plant adaptations
  • Plant uses by humans
  • How a plant makes food (photosynthesis)

And what’s really. great is this resource is flexible and includes:

  • Blank fans for the titles above so you can include your own terms/titles so that your students can draw and/or write them in.
  • AND a fan with a mix of concepts (all the above in one fan!) so that you can assess your students on more than one concept at once.
  • A printable and digital version so that your students can complete it anywhere – distance learning, hybrid learning or in-person learning.


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