Plant Accordion Foldable Booklet – All Topics


Are you covering plants in your classroom? Check out this accordion activity that covers a multitude of plant concepts that is hands-on, engaging, and includes both printable and digital versions!

File Format:

PDF & Google Slides


This resource covers the following concepts (that you can pick and choose from or use all of them!):

  • The needs of plants
  • The structures and functions of plants (plant’s parts)
  • Plant classification
  • Plant responses
  • The plant life cycle
  • Seed parts
  • Seed dispersal
  • How food is made (photosynthesis)
  • How plants are used
  • Plant adaptations
  • The parts of flowers
  • Pollination

This resource includes:

  • a reading guide that contains information on all the content mentioned above
  • student directions for assembly
  • worksheets/printables for the accordion to demonstrate understanding of the plant concepts covered (pick and choose which sheets you want your students to use!)
  • full page sheets and half-page sheets for students with different handwriting sizes
  • printable and digital versions
  • answer keys

This resource will benefit you and your students by:

  • motivating them so they are engaged and interested in learning
  • allowing differentiation so all needs are met
  • meeting those much-needed standards in science and reading
  • providing choice so that you can meet your individual students’ needs and interests while still meeting your district’s standards
  • saving you time planning and giving you more time to refresh
  • increasing student independence and empowering learning


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