Pizza Glyph and Bulletin Board for Back to School


This back-to-school bulletin board is a perfect way for your students to get to know each other! Students create a pizza based on the glyph provided and then you hang it up with the materials provided to create cute classroom decor or classroom door display!

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PDF Document


This Product Includes:

This bulletin board is titled “We are all a ‘pizza’ the class no matter how you ‘slice’ it!” It contains a chef that can be used and a variety of options for letters. If you’d rather not use the glyph, you can still have students decorate the pizza person or have them create pepperoni with goals inside each one.

How You Can Use This Product:

  • Print, cut out, laminate, and staple to a colored background (for appeal) the letters for the given phrase.
  • Provide students with the pizza glyph. There are different size options.
  • Attach the pizza glyphs to the bulletin board for the class to get to know each other and for your cute class decor!


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