National Hispanic Heritage Month Activity Biography Puzzles


If you’re looking for National Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept 15-Oct 15) activities that go beyond just reading passages, you’re in the right place! These biography puzzles are a great way to engage your students and let them show off what they have learned!


What is included:

  • 2 Sizes- A small version that fits one page for a few facts, less copying, and smaller handwriting (no assembling!). A large version for bigger handwriting and more facts (Does assemble!).
  • The large version comes with lined pieces and unlined pieces to help students with their writing.
  • A variety of Hispanic American people for writing biographies is included in the puzzles. I tried to pick people from a variety of backgrounds and careers.
  • Blank versions of both small and large in case your students’ hero isn’t included.
  • Student directions


These people are included:

  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bob Menendez, Cantinflas, Carmen Miranda, Celia Cruz, Cesar Chavez, Diego Rivera
  • Dolores Huerta, El Santo, Ellen Ochoa, Emiliano Zapata, Eva Peron, France Cordova, Gary Soto, Joan Baez
  • Jose M. Hernandez, Laurie Hernandez, Lionel Messi, Luis Walter Alvarez, Mario Molina, Oscar De La Hoya, Oscar De La Renta
  • Pablo Neruda, Pablo Picasso, Pancho Villa, Quiara Alegria Hudes, Rita Moreno, Roberto Clemente, Sandra Cisneros
  • Selena, Soledad O’Brien, Tito Puente
  • Looking for someone? Suggest them, or check my other biography puzzles.


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