Multiplying Fractions Guided Math Workshop Lesson Plans Activities and More


Fractions can be difficult for any grade level, but it doesn’t have to be. I scaffold my lessons, provide hands-on learning, and so much more so that students will truly understand multiplying fractions and that anxiety will disappear!


This Unit Covers:

  • Hands-on multiplication of a whole number times a fraction
  • Writing fractions as a sum of unit fractions
  • Finding the product of a whole number and a fraction using multiple strategies such as repeated addition, visual fractions, and the use of a number line
  • Renaming fractions
  • A bonus (or alternative lesson) on multiples
  • Finding multiples of fractions
  • Solving fraction multiplication problems
  • Creating equivalent equations with a unit fraction
  • Using the associative property of multiplication to help
  • Multiplying mixed numbers by a fraction
  • Solving word problems that involve multiplying fractions
  • Analyzing line plots with fractions of one-half, one-fourth, and one-eighth
  • Creating line plots with fractions of one-half, one-fourth, and one-eighth


With This Unit You’ll Get:

  • Pre-test and post-test
  • Vocabulary cards for math word wall instruction
  • Detailed lesson plans
  • Anchor charts
  • Differentiated math activities
  • Interactive notebook pieces (INB)
  • Math centers or math stations materials
  • Math games
  • Math worksheets for extra practice & review
  • Remediation & enrichment
  • Mini-assessments
  • Digital & print versions
  • Color & printer-friendly versions
  • Answer keys


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