Multiplying by Multiples of Ten Math Quest (3.NBT.3)


Help your students with multiplying by multiples of ten in this engaging online math game that gives them the multiplication math practice they need! Students will be engaged while working through problems for common core standard 3.NBT.3.

If you looking for a way to engage your students, practice technology skills, review important math concepts, and increase their reading fluency and comprehension, then this resource is the one for you! It is a mix of “create your own adventure” and “math quest” in one!


When I was growing up I loved the “Create Your Own Adventure” books. This resource was inspired by that! Students who are given choices are motivated and engaged more!


How does this resource work?

  • Students are given three to four paths to choose from and must travel each to collect clues and items to solve a mystery given.
  • Along the way, students solve math problems and a mystery.
  • When they get the answer wrong, advice is offered to help solve it correctly.
  • Each reading piece is carefully crafted to the grade level of the standard’s grade level. (third-grade standard = third-grade reading level).
  • The resource is in Google Slides presentation mode and students click-through links (they do not leave Slides).


What concepts are covered in this resource?

  • Multiplication Concepts (grouping, etc.)
  • Multiplying by multiples of 10
  • Reading comprehension practice
  • Reading fluency practice
  • Technology practice


How can this resource be used?

  • Small groups
  • Math centers
  • Whole class activities
  • Partner activities
  • Early finisher
  • and so much more!


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