Leaf Chromatography Chlorophyll in Plants Investigation Booklet


Have your students ever wondered why leaves are green or why they change color in the fall? This investigation booklet will explore just that! Check out this Leaf Chromatography booklet to explore chlorophyll in plants!

File Format:

PDF & Google Slides


This resource briefly covers the following concepts:

  • chlorophyll and chloroplasts
  • chromatography/separation of mixtures
  • capillary action
  • photosynthesis/food-making process
  • how and why plants change their color in the fall

This resource includes:

  • differentiated reading pages – high and low explaining the above concepts
  • vocabulary practice, reading comprehension, understanding of the investigation, drawing and caption practice, and journal writing response.
  • worksheets/printables for the investigation booklet to demonstrate understanding of the concepts covered
  • full page sheets and half-page sheets for students with different handwriting sizes
  • printable and digital versions
  • answer keys

Materials needed for the investigation (per group or for a demonstration):

  • 3 fresh large green leaves (such as kale, spinach, or basil)
  • 20 mL of nail polish remover/acetone
  • measuring cup/graduated cylinder
  • small plastic cup
  • plastic spoon and plastic knife
  • coffee filter
  • tape
  • scissors
  • (Optional: yellow, red, orange leaves for fall)

This resource will benefit you and your students by:

  • motivating them so they are engaged and interested in learning
  • allowing differentiation so all needs are met
  • meeting those much-needed standards in science and reading
  • saving you time planning and giving you more time to refresh
  • increasing student independence and empowering learning


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