Inference Reading Practice Printables & Digital (Google)


Every student could benefit from practicing inference skills in both fiction and nonfiction pieces. This resource contains just that! It is full of 36 different reading passages of both the fiction and nonfiction genre for your students to practice inferring and explaining how they know based on the text evidence. It’s perfect for meeting the Common Core standards!

In these passages, students highlight or describe what details and examples they are referring to when making inferences or drawing conclusions explicitly from the text. After highlighting the text clues, students then explain the information paired with their background knowledge of what conclusion they were able to draw. This can be done with the graphic organizer, or just simply answer the question sheets.

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PDF (Acrobat) Document File

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This resource includes:

✓ What inference is (Background knowledge + Text clues = Inference)
✓ A graphic organizer to help organize the students’ thoughts when drawing conclusions
✓ Two options – one to highlight text evidence when making inferences, one without
✓ Two different sized sheets – one-half page, one full page
✓ Answer keys
✓ Fiction and Nonfiction Inference Reading Passages
✓ A Google Slides version so that your students can complete it digitally if you prefer
✓ 36 different inference questions – one a week all year, or all at once!
.… and so much more!

How You Can Use This Product:

✓ As a supplement to an already established program
✓ Literacy centers
✓ An introduction lesson
✓ Teacher demonstrations
✓ Whole group, small group, partners, or individual work
✓ Homework
✓ Warm-up activities

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These inference practice sheets perfect for tutors, paraprofessionals, volunteers, and substitutes! It is print and go!

It comes complete with everything you need! It’s definitely worth the value!

These inference printables are perfect if you have to teach about drawing conclusions but weren’t sure how or are just starting out! This inference activity saves you time! Additionally, it’s perfect for when you have a substitute!

This product is perfect for meeting the Common Core Reading Standards (RL.1 & RI.1) !