Human Body Systems Fans Printable and Digital


Are you looking for an engaging way to explore the human body systems with your students? Check out this fun activity that allows students to focus on the structures and functions of each system.

File Format:

PDF & Google Slides



To review the structures and functions of the various human body systems.

This Product Includes:

✓ The choice of creating a fan with all the human body systems in one fan, or a fan with individual body systems focusing on their functions, structures, and fun facts.
✓ Additional fan choices to add, such as comparing and contrasting human body systems, and how systems work together.
✓ A printable and digital (Google Slides) version
✓ Answer keys

This product focuses on the following human body systems:

✓ The Circulatory System
✓ The Digestive System
✓ The Nervous System
✓ The Respiratory System
✓ The Skeletal System
✓ The Immune System
✓ The Urinary System


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