Growth Mindset Classroom Schedule Cards


It’s important that our students are thinking with a growth mindset in all areas of the classroom, so why not decorate your classroom using this set of classroom schedule cards?

These schedule cards are perfect for helping your students know what you are doing each moment of the day and for practicing reading the time of an analog clock!

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Compressed Zip File

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This Product Includes:

✓ 2 different versions (ink-saving white and color) of each schedule card
✓ 2 different font styles of the schedule cards
✓ A large variety of activities, including guest visitor, reading workshop, STEM, etc.
✓ An editable version

Mix and match colors or just use one color throughout your classroom decor!

This set contains an ink-saving version that can be printed as-is or on colored paper. It also contains a set in pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple for each type! These growth mindset classroom schedule cards also come in two different font styles: a thick, bold font and a skinny font. It also comes editable to make classroom decor easier on you!


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