Forms of Energy Centers | Lab Stations | Worksheets


Teaching a unit on types of energy can be really fun, especially when you think of the great experiments you can do during a unit like this. Now imagine that someone has made it easier for you. Oh wait, I already have! These centers will be a fun yet thorough way to cover the types of energy in your class.

File Type

PDF & Google Slides


This Product Includes:

✓ Mechanical
✓ Heat
✓ Light
✓ Sound
✓ Electrical

With This Product You’ll Get:

✓ Teacher directions
✓ Student directions for each station
✓ Student recording packet for each science lab (two sets – one set labeled with stations and one set without stations)
✓ Posters
✓ Materials list (all materials found around the classroom or home)
✓ Printable & Digital (Google Slides) Version!
.… and so much more!

How You Can Use This Product:

✓ Science centers – all in one day or one a day
✓ As a supplement to an already established program
✓ Warm-up activities
✓ Teacher demonstrations
✓ Introduction to energy concepts
✓ Whole group, small group, partners, or individual work


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