Figurative Plant Pennants – Figurative Language and Legend Writing Activity


Are you looking for a creative writing activity that incorporates writing, science, and figurative language? Check out this engaging activity! It is sure to get your students excited and make a great display!

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PDF & Google Slides


In this activity, students complete “mini-research” and learn about an assigned flower. Then they create a pennant about that flower while including the following:

  • a figurative vs a literal approach to the flower’s name
  • create a legend of their own on how the flower received its name
  • create a simile related to the flower’s name
  • write fun facts about the flower
  • discover where the flower is found

This resource includes:

  • two different sized pennants – a small short pennant and a longer version
  • a printable or digital version
  • two different graphic organizers – one lined and one not
  • a list of flowers for an entire class
  • detailed directions


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