Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Reading | Cause and Effect | Activities


Inspire your students with the message of Martin Luther King, Jr. with the help of these activities. While learning with this resource, your students will learn about Dr. King’s history and life, as well as about how we came to have a national holiday named after him. Keep his legacy and message alive by teaching about his life!


This Resource Includes:

✓ Exploring the vocabulary of equality and segregation
✓ Comparing and contrasting the two books, Martin’s Big Words and My Uncle Martin’s Words for America**
✓ Nonfiction text to complete a cause and effect booklet and a matchbook foldable timeline
✓ Writing opportunities to explore Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous phrases and sayings while reflecting on how his dream from the past has affected students’ lives today
✓ Answer keys

**It is not necessary to have the books to complete the tasks in this resource.**


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