Creative Plant Writing | Science Writing | Writing about Plants


Get your students writing during science with this creative resource! This plant writing resource is an engaging way to get your students thinking about plant concepts and build a variety of writing skills!

File Formats:

PDF & Google Slides


These concepts are covered (and the writing format it’s in):

•The interdependent relationship between plants and animals (thank you letter)
•Insecticide use (debate)
•Part of plants and the flow of materials (day in the life)
•Parts of plants and their functions (story)
•Seed dispersal (travel journal)
•Pollination (script)
•Adaptations of Saguaro cactus vs Sequoia trees (proposal)
•Plants’ needs (argument)
•Role of leaves and their shapes/adaptations (letter to editor)
•Plants that do not photosynthesize (roleplay)
•The need for chloroplasts/photosynthesis (advice column/letter)
•Plant classification (campaign speech)
•Plant parts, roles, adaptations (award)
•Evergreen/Conifer trees and adaptations (attorney defense)
•Life cycle of a plant (diary/journal)
•Plant adaptations (interview)

I have also included:

  • A full-page version, a half-page version, and a quarter-page version.
  • Printable or digital versions
  • A rubric for easy grading
  • A variety of writing types. For instance, there is informational writing, descriptive writing, persuasive writing, etc.


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