3rd Grade Math Workshop Bundle



A complete lesson plan unit packed with hands-on activities, expectations and routines, and a variety of strategies for 3rd-grade math concepts. Perfect for teachers looking to save time and money without sacrificing quality instruction!

This complete BUNDLE for 3rd-grade classrooms covers the entire year of the Common Core standards for the following math concepts: place value and rounding, elapsed time, addition and subtraction strategies, multiplication and division strategies, multiplication shortcuts, area and perimeter, fractions, graphing and measurement, and problem-solving.

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This Bundle Includes:

In this product you will find the following units (click on the title to go to that product to read a more detailed description):

Unit 1 – Problem Solving Math Workshop Unit
✓ Introduction to math workshop, the expectations, and routines
✓ Focus on learning about problem-solving strategies, such as working backward, guess and check, act it out, draw a picture, use a model, create a table, make a list, make a chart, and much more
✓ Focus on learning the problem-solving steps, along with analyzing word problems, what to do when stuck, thinking strategies, and checking, explaining, and justifying the answer
✓ Multi-step problem solving

Unit 2 – Place Value and Rounding Math Workshop Unit
✓ Focus on place value – base ten form, word form, standard form, and expanded form, along with the value of the place
✓ Focus on comparing and ordering numbers
✓ Place value from the ones to the ten-thousands
✓ Rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100
✓ Use of the hundred charts for rounding

Unit 3 – Addition and Subtraction Math Workshop Unit
✓ Split strategy for both addition and subtraction (partial sums, expanded forms, or decomposition)
✓ Jump strategy for both addition and subtraction (counting on, counting back, number line)
✓ Shortcut strategy for addition and subtraction (compensation, friendly numbers)
✓ Traditional algorithm and subtracting with zeroes
✓ The relationship between addition and subtraction
✓ The properties of addition and patterns in a hundreds chart

Unit 4 – Elapsed Time Math Workshop Unit – Now includes digital
✓ Telling time to the nearest five minutes and one minute
✓ Reading digital and analog clocks
✓ Understanding units of time
✓ Strategies for elapsed time – T-chart, zoom, number Line, and mountains
✓ Solving elapsed time in word problems and schedules
✓ Solving elapsed time when the start or end is unknown

Unit 5 – Multiplication Shortcuts Math Workshop Unit
✓ Multiples
✓ Patterns in hundred charts and multiplication charts
✓ Shortcuts for learning multiplication facts 0-10
✓ Properties of multiplication and how they help in learning facts
✓ Multiplying by multiples of ten
✓ Multiplying with missing numbers

Unit 6 – Multiplication and Division Math Workshop Unit – Now includes digital
✓ Understanding multiplication and division
✓ Multiplication strategies (repeated addition, equal groups, arrays, and number line/skip counting)
✓ Division strategies (repeated subtraction, equal sharing, arrays)
✓ Understanding the relationship between multiplication and division
✓ Remainders
✓ Using input and output tables
✓ Multiplying and dividing in story problems

Unit 7 – Perimeter and Area Math Workshop Unit
✓ Polygons attributes
✓ Finding perimeter and finding unknown sides
✓ Finding area by tiling, counting squares, estimating, and using multiplication
✓ Finding the unknown sides when area is known
✓ Finding area of irregular figures
✓ Distributive property and area
✓ The relationship between area and perimeter
✓ Additional Modified versions for spellings of millimetre, centimetre, & metre with just the metric system measurements

Unit 8 – Fractions Math Workshop Unit- Now includes digital
✓ Equal sharing (tying division and fractions)
✓ Parts of a whole – identifying and partitioning fractions
✓ Parts of a set
✓ Reading and partitioning number lines
✓ Looking at number lines greater than one
✓ Equivalent fractions – benchmarks, size of the whole, different numerators, different denominators, and comparing

Unit 9 – Graphing and Measurement Math Workshop Unit
✓ Surveying, collecting, and organizing data
✓ Creating picture graphs (pictographs)
✓ Creating both horizontal and vertical bar graphs
✓ Changing the scale (or intervals) on a bar graph
✓ Changing the representation of a symbol on a pictograph
✓ Solving word problems related to graphs
✓ Reading a ruler and measuring lengths to the nearest quarter of an inch
✓ Collecting data and constructing line plots
✓ Identifying mass and liquid volume (capacity)
✓ Estimating mass and liquid volume (capacity)
✓ Measuring mass and liquid volume (and comparing to known benchmarks)
✓ Solving word problems related to mass and liquid volume
✓ Additional Modified versions for spellings of litre & millilitre; centimetre; metre with just the metric system

With This Bundle You’ll Get:

✓ Pretests and post-tests
✓ An overview scope and sequence for pacing
✓ 15 days of explicit, scripted lesson plans in math workshop model
✓ Math warm-ups for spiral review
✓ Hands-on exploratory activities
✓ Concrete – semi-concrete – abstract progression
✓ Math centers, games, and task cards perfect for guided math
✓ Independent practice and worksheets
✓ Mini-assessments and quick checks
✓ Vocabulary cards for word walls
✓ Anchor charts
✓ Interactive notebook pieces
✓ Some real-life and project-based applied math

And as a BONUS – that is ONLY FOUND IN THE BUNDLE – you get all the LESSON PLANS (only) of each unit in editable (cut and paste) format so you can easily modify or cut and paste for your online planbooks!

**Due to size limitations, this purchase will provide you with a forever link to Dropbox, where you can download all nine units to save to your computer. You do NOT have to have a Dropbox account to access it. Updates will be added to this link.**

These lessons are perfect for tutors, paraprofessionals, volunteers, and substitutes! They are low prep, too!

With 15 complete lesson plans in this unit, that’s less than a dollar a day for everything you need–worksheets, centers, scripted lessons, vocabulary, and much more! It’s definitely worth the value!

This bundle is perfect if you have always wanted to implement math workshop but weren’t sure how or are just starting out! This bundle saves you time! Take back your weekends without sacrificing quality teaching!

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Place Value and Rounding Math Workshop Unit
Addition and Subtraction Strategies Workshop Unit
Elapsed Time Math Workshop Unit
Multiplication and Division Math Workshop Unit
Multiplication Shortcuts Math Workshop Unit 
Understanding Fractions Math Workshop Unit
Perimeter and Area Math Workshop Unit 
Measuring Mass, Volume, and Graphing Data Math Workshop Unit
Problem Solving Math Workshop Unit