Geometry Town Project Based Learning Printable & Digital (Google)


Have your students demonstrate their understanding of many different math concepts while designing a map of their own town! This hands-on math activity is a project that will definitely engage your students.

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Objective: To demonstrate an understanding of geometric terms and measurements. Students will be designing and drawing a map that will incorporate many mathematical concepts.

The following concepts will be covered through this project-based learning activity:

  • Partitioning shapes into equal areas of 4 and 8
  • Regular polygons – pentagon, hexagon, octagon
  • Irregular polygon
  • The three triangles – equilateral triangle, scalene triangle, and isosceles
  • Quadrilaterals – trapezoid, rhombus, parallelogram, rectangle, and square
  • Arrays
  • Congruent figures
  • Lines of symmetry
  • Line segments, rays, lines
  • Parallel lines, perpendicular lines, and intersecting lines
  • Obtuse, acute, and right angle (no degrees)
  • Measuring length (some with fractions others without)
  • Map skills (compass, scale, legend, title, etc)
  • Coordinate graphing (optional to create an index)
  • Perimeter (optional)

The following materials are included:

  • Teacher’s instructions and guide
  • Student step-by-step directions – both in metric and standard units
  • Student Checklist
  • Student idea sheet
  • Rubric
  • Practice/math sheets
  • Map materials
  • Editable versions (Powerpoint & Google Slides) so that you can choose what your students need to focus on!)

It is recommended (though not required) that students have access to a math reference book and if possible, geometric stencils or templates. Information is included in the teacher’s guide regarding this.


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