Higher Level Weather Questions: Task Cards, Fan Strips, and Journal Prompts


What’s better than providing your students with challenging, thought-provoking questions? Providing them with those questions in three different ways! I’ve compiled a large set of questions about a variety of weather topics, and then I’ve created three different ways that you can present those questions to reach all little learners in your class!

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This Product Includes:

This product contains 40 open-ended questions that vary in difficulty according to Bloom’s Taxonomy all related to weather concepts. The following weather concepts are covered:
✓ Precipitation and types
✓ Clouds and types
✓ Water cycle
✓ Severe weather
✓ Weather tools
✓ Climate
✓ Meteorologists
✓ Air pressure
✓ Atmosphere
✓ Weather
✓ Temperature
✓ Humidity
✓ Greenhouse effect
✓ Common misconceptions

With This Product You’ll Get:

✓ Three different styles for questioning: fan strips, journal questions, and task cards
✓ Half-sheet journal response pages

How You Can Use This Product:

✓ The long strips can be pinned together through the use of a brad nail or a reading ring for whole group or small group instruction. Teachers can use them as a fan of questions for attention grabbers at the beginning of your weather unit or as thought-provoking questions during a unit.
✓ The half-sheet journal response page can be used with the journal strip questions as an exit ticket, as a research prompt, as a center, or as an assessment. Further, if you wish, you can have students cut the strip and glue it into their science notebook instead. There are 20 of the same question to a page to help you reduce copies.
✓ The task cards are a great way to provide the questions to students during literacy centers or science centers. These can be used independently or with partners.

These questions are perfect for tutors, paraprofessionals, volunteers, and substitutes! They are low prep, too!

With 40 complete questions in this unit, it comes complete with everything you need–fan strips, journal questions, and task cards! It’s definitely worth the value!

This product is perfect if you have to teach about weather concepts but aren’t sure how or need more supplementation! This product saves you time! Additionally, with it’s perfect for when you have a substitute!